Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites in Pakistan:

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites in Pakistan:

The number of Affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan is increasing every day. It is because Pakistan is moving very fast towards the digital world. In the coming year, many affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan will be offering their program for bloggers, vloggers, and influencer marketers to gain more sales. The only reason for this is that digital business owners now realize that traditional marketing strategies are not enough to compete in the market. So as time passes, these business websites will offer affiliate programs for more sales. A lot of websites have already started their programs. So I believe this is the best time to start working and finding the potential program related to your interest and passion.

Daraz Affiliate Program:

Daraz is the largest e-store in Pakistan. So how is it possible it should offer the Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan? Daraz has 40 lakh monthly organic visitors, which are derived through paid advertisement. There are around 50 million products from 100 different categories listed. More than 1 lakh sellers are registered with Daraz, who sell these products. So when there is an extensive portfolio, becoming a partner with the Daraz Affiliate program will have a solid chance to make some online money.

Blow, I shared the complete details for how to register for the Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan. How much commission you will get on each sale, and what is commission rates in different categories.

Requirement for Daraz Affiliate Program:

  1. Commission Rates: Daraz offers 10% of affiliate commission.
  2. Digital Requirement: Yes (website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter account is also accepted for Daraz Affiliate account). Without these, your application will not be accepted. 
  3. Bank Requirement: valid bank account, SWIFT Code, IBAN Number
  4. Email: email account must be the same which you are using for your Daraz buyer account email
  5. Commission Payment: will be paid in the same month
  6. Marketing material: Yes, Daraz will provide a different kind of marketing material
  7. Cookie Tracking Period: when users click on your affiliate link, the affiliate tracking cookie will say seven days in their browser.

Goto Affiliate Program:

Goto is another e-commerce website in Pakistan that offers a beautiful affiliate program. It has more than 20000 monthly unique visitors which make them one to top Pakistan e-commerce store. So it means joining goto affiliate marketing program has good potential to make money online.

Requirement for Goto Affiliate Program:

  1. Commission Rates: Goto affiliate commission’s rate is a minimum of 1% in computer and mobile related products and a maximum of 5% in men and women fashion.
  2. Digital Requirement: Yes (any website, social media account, event blogger site is also accepted)
  3. Bank Requirement: valid bank account, SWIFT Code.
  4. Email: valid email account must be required 
  5. Commission Payment: Will be paid in the same month, but there is a limit of 10,000 PKR you earned
  6. Marketing material: Yes, Goto will provide the marketing material
  7. Cookie Tracking Period: The affiliate tracking cookie will stay 30 days in their browser when users click on your affiliate link.

Inspedium Affiliate Program:

Inspedium is Web hosting Company operating in Pakistan. To increase their business, Inspedium also offered an affiliate program in Pakistan. The best part of the Inspedium affiliate program is that they do not require any website or social media account. You are allowed to share your affiliate link using WhatsApp, Pinterest, and anyway like you want.

Requirement for Inspedium Affiliate Program:

  1. Commission Rates: Inspedium offers a 30% commission for each sale you generate.
  2. Digital Requirement: No, you are open to sharing your Inspedium affiliate link everywhere you like. 
  3. Bank Requirement: Not needed when sign up, but when you have to receive payment, you have to provide a legal payment channel.
  4. Email: Valid Email Address
  5. Commission Payment: The commission will be paid next month, and the payout limit is 5000 PKR.
  6. Commission Payment: Yes, Inspedium will provide the marketing material
  7. Cookie Tracking Period: Cookie will say 90 days in the user’s browser once the user clicks on your affiliate link.

If you would like to know the Inspedium affiliate marketing program in detail please read this post.

NextGen Affiliate Program:

NextGen is Pakistan-based web hosting and VPS service Provider Company. They also provide a very handsome commission on their affiliate marketing program. Maximum 45% commission they offer and minimum 20% of the commission they offer. When they are providing handsome commission same time, their offer is available to active sellers who make at least one sale per month.

Requirement for NextGen Affiliate Program:

  1. Commission: NextGen offers a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 45%. Your commission percentage will be higher if you generate more sales per month.
  2. Digital Requirement: The website or social media account is important for account approval.
  3. Bank Requirement: No bank account requirement at signup time
  4. Email: Valid Email Address
  5. Commission Payment:  You will receive payment when you have earned up to 5000. The amount will transfer to you via UBL Omni  
  6. Marketing Material: Yes, NextGen will provide the marketing material.
  7. Cookie Period: No information is provided Affiliate Program:

It is one of the new e-stores in Pakistan. Although they are in the phase to build, they share in the Pakistan e-commerce industry. Still, as we know, there is enormous potential in the Pakistan e-commerce industry for those who focus on customer satisfaction. Joining affiliate market program will help you a lot in the future. Affiliate Program: is also a new addition to the Pakistan e-commerce industry. It is older than They have also offered their affiliate marketing program to capture the market, which is very easy to join. As I said earlier, entering the affiliate program at an early stage will give you benefits later.

Requirement for Affiliate Program:

  1. Commission: commission is not announced
  2. Digital Requirement: Website is required for account approval
  3. Bank Requirement: bank account is required but not necessary for initial signup.
  4. Email: Valid Email Address.
  5. Marketing Material: Yes, will provide the marketing material
  6. Cookie Tracking Period: No information is provided

IDM Pakistan Affiliate Program:

IDM Pakistan is an online learning platform in the digital marketing field. Like e comers and IDM Pakistan is also offering its affiliate program in Pakistan. The best part of their affiliate program is offering a fixed 10000 commission on enrolment, which was possible due to your marketing. One best part of their affiliate plan is if you generate 100 enrolments in one month, you will get a commission of 100 sales plus brand new Suzuki alto as a bonus gift.

  1. Commission: Fixed commission of 10,000 PKR on each enrollment.  
  2. Digital Requirement: Website is required for account approval
  3. Bank Requirement: bank account is required for commission payment transfer.
  4. Email: Valid Email Address
  5. Marketing Material: Yes, IDM Pakistan will provide the marketing material
  6. Cookie Tracking Period: No information was provided

AliExpress Affiliate Program:

AliExpress is one of the world’s top e-commerce websites with a vast number of products listed. The good thing is AliExpress is offering an affiliate program for Pakistani people.

Orient Affiliate Program:

Orient is an electronic brand in Pakistan, and as per my best knowledge, they are the only brand in Pakistan that offers an affiliate program. Although Orient is currently not accepting any affiliate requests, you can keep an eye on them. So whenever they again start receiving an application for an affiliate program, you can register and earn money online.

GoDaddy Pakistan Affiliate Program:

GoDaddy is also a web hosting service Provider Company in Pakistan that is offering its affiliate program. So can join them and can make money online. GoDaddy is a partner with CJ affiliate, which means to benefit from the GoDaddy, you have to sign up at CJ Affiliate. One more benefit of joining the CJ affiliate is apart from GoDaddy, you will find many more affiliate opertinuties where you can register yourself.


More online money making opportunities will be available in the market as Pakistan is moving far word in digital business very rapidly. Any has started their digital business, and many more will be in the field in the next few years. So this is the best time to prepare yourself and learn a new skill to make money online. One of them is affiliate marketing. Above I have discussed the top 10 affiliate programs in Pakistan. These affiliate programs are easy to join no hard rules for joining them.

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