6 Top Features in Gaming Smart Phones

Best Features in Gaming Smart Phones

Users who purchase intelligent phones for gaming are always looking for the best features in their devices. Nowadays, everyone plays high-end, advanced games on their smartphones. As modern technology advances, more optimized features are invented for gaming hardware so that users can experience a smooth and fast gaming experience.

In a gaming smartphone, there are many features, but six are most important: chipset, GPU, battery, screen size, sensitivity, and refresh rate. We will discuss these features of gaming smartphones one by one but keep in mind that the more advance these features are, the smoother and faster the gaming experience you will have.

6 Important Features in Gaming Smart Phones

Following are the six most essential features in gaming smartphone. Without these, the smartphone is not considered a gaming phone.

  • Chipset is “important for fast game playing.”
  • GPU is “important for fast graphic rendering.”
  • A high Refresh Rate is “important for smooth graphic transition,” 
  • Screen size is “important for complete game option visualization.”
  • Screen sensitivity is “important for operating the gaming option.”
  • A powerful battery is “important for playing the game for a longer time.”

Now let’s discuss these essential features of gaming smartphones in detail.

Chipsetfeatures in gaming smart phones

A chipset is a central processing unit that performs the main processing tasks for semiconductor devices, such as processors and memory.

A smartphone or tablet has a chipset that can recognize and react to the user inputs. These chipsets have the capability of human beings to adapt and change their behavior according to the situational demands of the user. In sensors and actuators, the matter is more complicated. A sensor must have minimal physical size and weight suitable for human application. Therefore, adding extra functionality to these devices is impossible, which requires additional sensing units or actuators, consequently leading to a great control complexity on their usage.

Embedded chipsets are used on mobile phones to perform one or a few dedicated functions, often in real-time. In addition to hardware and mechanical components, they are integrated into the complete device.

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Top Manufacturers of the chipset

  • Media Tek
  • Qualcomm
  • HiSilicon

Best rated chipset

  • Density 9000 and 9000 Plus by “Media Tek”
  • Snapdragon 8 plus Gen 1 by “Qualcomm”
  • Kirin 9000 by “HiSilicon”

GPUfeatures in gaming smart phones

Graphical Processor Units (GPU) are essential to most modern smartphones. It is equally important as a chipset in terms of features in gaming smartphones. They improve the performance in the rendering of videos, games, and other graphics. Ten years ago, most phones did not have GPUs, but now every smartphone always has a graphical processing unit, “GPU.” All modern games require a fast, latest, and most efficient graphic processing unit, “GPU,” to run the game smoothly and fast.

Well, know GPU for gaming smartphones are

Many graphical processing units and “GPU” manufacturers are available on the market today. However, the most common and most well-known are Adreno, Mali, and PowerVR. The company’s graphical processing unit “GPU” is the best for smartphone gaming. They always work to enhance the performance of their graphic processing unit “GPU.”

Top GPU for the gaming smartphone

Below is the list of top supper fast graphical processing unit “GPU.”

  • Adreno 660
  • Snapdragon 888
  • Mali-G78 MP24 Kirin 9000       
  • Mali-G78 MP22 Kirin 9000E
  • Adreno 650
  • Snapdragon 870, 865 & 865+
  • Mali-G78 MP14 Exynos 2100

 High Refresh Ratesfeatures in gaming smart phones

The third most crucial feature of a gaming phone is refresh rates. Refresh rate is how many times your screen display will change n 1 second. A refresh rate of 60 Hz, for instance, means that your screen will change 60 times in a second, even if it is static. You can play better games with smoother visuals on a smartphone screen with a higher refresh rate.

Smartphones on the market today feature refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. A minimum refresh rate of 90 Hz must be necessary for optimal mobile gaming. All the high-end games required a higher refresh rate to run the game smoothly. If the refresh rate is slow or not up to the mark, you will face a delay in graphics when playing games.

Screen Sensitivity

Screen sensitivity is commonly known as touch sensitivity. An essential feature in gaming smartphones is screen sensitivity or screen touch response. In the event it is not up to the mark, your gaming experience will be too bad.

Screen Size

If you have all the things like Chipset GPU and refresh rates are up to the mark, but your screen size is too small, you will face challenges in playing the game. This is because a smaller screen size will show all the game graphics in a way that will be hard to visualize. Also, the gaming option will be so close that it becomes hard to operate.

Most gamers incline toward a screening measure of at slightest 6.5″ for an upgraded gaming involvement. In addition to pressure-sensitive screens, quick touch reactions, and HDR back, other features to look for in a portable gaming app include HDR support.

Powerful Battery

A gaming-focused smartphone should have a massive and effective battery so that users can play for extended periods without frequent charging. The rule is straightforward: the gaming experience increases with battery capacity.

All running resources on a smartphone can quickly deplete the battery when engaged. High-capacity batteries are frequently found in modern models. Thus this is not a problem. Any battery between 4000 mAh and 6000 mAh will do.