Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

People are making handsome passive income by registering them as affiliate markets with different international affiliate programs. This is why affiliate marketing in Pakistan is a highly trending topic in the last couple of years. Now looking into this market trend, different Pakistanis comers companies and other businesses also offer affiliate programs in Pakistan. One of them is Inspedium, which is a web hosting service Provider Company. This article will explain what Inspedium affiliate marketing is, how to register it, the different ways to earn money, and how much income you can generate.

How to Register with Inspedium Affiliate Marketing Program.

Earn Money online with the Inspedium Affiliate Program

Inspedium offers one of the most naive affiliate marketing registration processing in Pakistan. The essential requirement for the Inspedium affiliate program is that you need one email address, phone number, and postal address. So what you will do, visit the Inspedium website and then go to their earn money page. On the earn money page, you will find the start making money today option. Just click on it. The registration form will be open, where you have to provide all your original details and submit the form. It usually will take a couple of days to confirm your account.

The best part of Inspedium Affiliate Marketing is that they don’t ask for any website, YouTube channel, or any other social media account to confirm your affiliate account.

Once your account is created successfully, you will receive an email from Inspedium. After the email, log on to the Inspedium affiliate marketing dashboard. The dashboard is straightforward and full of functions. In a similar dashboard, you will find all your affiliate marketing content, which you can use to promote Inspedium web hosting plans. 

A Different Ways to Earn Money

Inspedium affiliate marketing in Pakistan offered different ways which you can use to earn money.

The first method to earn money is when sales are generated through your affiliate marketing link. This is a direct earning method. You will find these marketing ads under the marketing material tab of your dashboard. You can share these add to your social media plate form like Facebook or tweeter of you can use them in a blog post if you own a website. Once the buyer buys a hosting plan from Inspedium, you will get 30% of the sales invoice. For example, if the invoice is 10000 PKR, you get 3000 PK as an affiliate commission.

The second method tier system allows you to market affiliate programs to other people. Once people register them as an affiliate marketer through your shared link, you will become the top tier, and that person will be added to your tier network. The benefit of this tier network is that once sales are generated through your tier network, you will also get 10% of that sales commission. So it is because of this tier network, it is one of the most fantastic affiliate marketing programs in Pakistan.

Marketing through Social Media:

In the past, it was terrific to share any affiliate link on Facebook, but now they have changed their policy. Suppose you are Sharing any affiliate link on your Facebook wall, on a page, or in any group is strictly prohibited. If you do so, Facebook artificial intelligence will detect your post as spam, and if you continually try to post such links, your ID may get suspended. So be careful because Facebook is very strict in its policies.

An alternate solution to this problem is Google sites, which are free of cost and excellent. Creating Google Sites and then writing short post linking them to you affiliate link. You can either create a post for hosting plans or for your tier network. Once you have completed it, your site now shares the link of the site on Facebook. Once traffic is derived from your affiliate link, and anyone from this traffic made purchases, you will get a commission of 30% of the purchase amount.

Tip 01: I suggest joining a Facebook group related to WordPress or web hosting or web development. In these groups, people are sharing ideas and discussing related quires. Sharing your Google site to link to these groups will increase the chance that some visit Inspedium through your and buy a hosting plan.

Tip 02: when you share your google site posts on Facebook, then Facebook allows you to boost your post by paying a little amount to them. Boosting a post will increase the reach of your post to more people, which will increase the more traffic to the Inspedium, and ultimately more the traffic more will be the change that sales will be generated. When boosting the post, make sure you chose the right audience; otherwise, you waste your money.

Marketing through your Own Website

If you own a website, then there is a penalty of banners ads that you can use. These banners are in a penalty of different sizes. So in the case of your own website, you have to write a review blog post about different Inspedium web hosting plans. While writing a review, you need to focus on keywords, compare different plans’ prices, and highlight the free features. Finally, use affiliate banner adds anywhere in the blog post, like at the start of the post or at the end of the post, even in the middle of the post. You can also place these banners ads in your widget area, page headers, or footers.

When you write a review post, you have done keyword research, and your post is SEO optimized. If you have done these, there is a great chance that you get organic traffic, and your post will redirect them to the Inspedium.

Through YouTube channel.

If you have a YouTube channel, it can also help you promote affiliate marketing links. You need to create an explainer video describing all about the hosting plan. Comparing pros and cons, discussing different prices against the different hosting plans, Highlighting free features against each hosting plan, and finally providing your affiliate link in the video description. You can share your YouTube video with the different Facebook groups to generate traffic. Generating traffic is very important because without traffic, you do not generate any sales, and if sales are not generated, how you can earn your commission.

Commission Comparison when you sell different plans:

I am very confident that if someone works regularly, they can make a very handsome passive income every month without investing zero Pak rupees. For example, if the sales are generated directly from your generated traffic and customer buy a business plan, the minimum amount you will get against each sale is 1655 Pak rupees and a maximum of 15022 Pak rupees. On the other hand, if sales are generated due to the traffic from your affiliate tire network will get against each sale is 552 Pak rupees and a maximum of 5007 Pak rupees. Depending upon customer purchased which plan against what duration.

Similarlyif the sales are generated directly from you generated traffic and customer buy an unlimited plan, the minimum amount you will get against each sale is 461 Pak rupees and maximum 10844 Pak rupees. On the other hand, if sales generated due to the traffic from your affiliate tire network will get against each sale is 154 Pak rupees and a maximum of 3615 Pak rupees. Depending upon customer purchased which plan against what duration

Earn Money online with the Inspedium Affiliate Program

How I will receive my commission:

You have earned the commission. To get your commission, Inspedium offers many ways like EasyPaisa, JazzCash, UBL Omni, Direct Bank Transfer through Check or Money order. You can use any of them. But keep in mind there is a limit of 5000 Pak rupees to request the payout.

How does Inspedium will track my affiliate marketing performance? 

Ans: The Inspedium affiliate program uses cookies, and the IP addresses visitors to track sales generated by your affiliate links. The working of cookies is only for payment of affiliate commissions when a visitor buys a hosting account.

What if visitors visit Inspedium through my link and they do not buy within 24 Hours?

Ans: this is not an issue! Inspedium provides 90 days of a buffer from the day visitor visit the Inspedium website through your link. If that visitor buys any pan within these 90 days, you will get your commission.

Is there any limit on an earn as an Inspedium Affiliate?

Ans: No, there is no limit to how much money you can earn with our affiliate program!

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